Kristan and Margie met during a covid19 shelter-in-place, LinkedIn round table; it was the oddest place to begin this journey. Nonetheless, they began a dialogue about creating an online forum where people can share honestly and openly on relevant and sensitive topics. They want to give voice to the suppressed, the oppressed, the awkward and all others and support them in being contributors to broader conversations. The intention is to provide a space where conversations can plant a seed, to grow and flourish. The discussions won’t necessarily seek resolution for the presented topics but rather, raise awareness and elevate them. 


Kristan Browne
As the founder of Attriniti Consulting and the 4 S’s of Success, Kristan brings together her years of being a business owner, an entrepreneurial spirit with an innate curiosity. Much of her own professional life has been about listening and learning from others. ‘Learning by Doing’ and sometimes, even doing it again has been a cornerstone of her journey. Her deep belief in the power of storytelling and the importance of being seen as key components to building community, Kristan is excited to launch Sasvy! Real Raw Talk.

Margie Torres has dedicated years of exploration between architecture, expressive arts, dance-movement, humanistic psychology, spirituality and mindfulness with ways these connections deepen personal, professional and transpersonal growth. These discoveries awakened her interest in how transformation occurs in all things from business to the environment, from societies to cultures to the individual. As a social entrepreneur, Margie is founder/President of Empower.Me Strong! Foundation assisting women facing cancer and Margie.Torres.Design focusing on sustainable building design. Margie looks forward to engaging in Sasvy! Real Raw Talk.

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