DatexxxxxEP#xx Topic Titles*
10.2020 #1The Polarized Mind + Terror Management Theory + Awakening the Awe
Kirk Schneider, Ph.D
Tom Pyszczynski, Ph.D
Louis Hoffman, Ph.D
11.2020#2Moving Shakespeare. Reducing Recidivism.
Suraya Keating, MFT, REAT, RDT, RYT
with returned citizens:
John Windham
Joey Mason
11.2020#3Women Hating Women
Barbara Mark, Ph.D
Lisa Carnevale, MBA
01.2021#4Neoliberalism + Meaningful Capitalism
Joel Vos, Ph.D
Frank Gruba-McCallister, Ph.D
12.2020#5Year-End Holiday Special
Sasvy! Producers
05.2021#6Quentin Blue
returned citizens:
Dwight Krizman
Richie R3 Morris
Billy Harwood
Joey Mason
*Subject to Change
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