Neoliberalism : Meaningful Capitalism

Neoliberalism + Meaningful Capitalism An inspired and inspiring episode about capitalism, commerce, and the need for compassion. Frank and Joel have a deep knowledge of capitalism from a historical perspective as well as social-psychological context. We discuss the meaning and implications of neoliberalism. Both experts share their hopes and perspectives for us now to challenge ‘the norm’ and encourage us to think beyond conventional and accepted beliefs. Thank you again, Frank and Joel!

Frank Gruba-McCallister, PhD
Dr. Frank Gruba-McCallister received his master’s and doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Purdue University. He was a professor and academic administrator for over 33 years at three professional schools of psychology in Chicago, winning numerous awards for teaching. While the Vice President of Academic Affairs at the Adler School, he oversaw a revision of all program curricula to provide education and training in socially responsible practice—an innovation recognized by an award in innovations in doctoral graduate education by the American Psychological Association. Prior to teaching, he provided clinical service primarily to individuals in a medical setting and in private practice. He has published and done professional presentations in the areas of humanistic/existential psychology, spirituality, health psychology, critical psychology, and the role of psychology in advancing social justice.

Joel Vos, PhD
Dr. Joel Vos is a psychologist, philosopher, researcher, lecturer, existential therapist, author, speaker, artist and chair of IMEC International Meaning Events & Communities.His books include The Psychology of COVID-19: Building Resilience for Future Pandemics, The Economics of Meaning in Life: From Capitalist Life Syndrome to Meaning-Oriented Society, Mental Health in Crisis, Meaning in Life: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Practitioners.