Quentin Blue

QUENTIN BLUE is a band focused on Americana Pop Music about life after incarceration. Quentin Blue was formed by Dwight Krizman, Richie R3 Morris & Billy Harwood, while serving their life sentences at San Quentin in Northern California. In their ability to ask difficult questions of themselves and face the behaviors that led them to their circumstances, they were able to rise above limited beliefs to regain freedom. In this Sasvy! episode, Dwight, Richie and Billy share their stories of transformation, realizations and forming deeper connections with the universal wisdom that we all share as part of our humanity. They believe that positive change through music and the arts is possible, no matter of one’s past. About the members:

Dwight Serge Krizman was born in Newport Beach California. He is a musician, music producer, returned citizen, widower with three children. He graduated from Hollywood High School in 1973. Prior to prison, Dwight had a 20-year career as a Film Distributor. He was incarcerated for 17.5 years. In addition to his music, he is a Restorative Justice Advocate and Practitioner.

Billy Harwood grew up on Catalina Island amongst gated communities, black Cadillacs and white privilege. He is a life-long musician and a practicing Buddhist.

Richie ‘R3’ Morris was born in 1961 as the youngest of 8 children. He grew up in Central Valley and was incarcerated in 1985. Richie was released in 2020 before the COVID lock-down. His hometown is Sonora, CA; he is currently living in La La Land. Richie has published 7 novels and writes many of the Quentin Blue songs including one showcased at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Joey Mason became addicted to meth in 1985. He was married to his first wife, had a home and a great job. His criminal behavior followed and by 1991, he was sentence to one year in prison. Upon release, Joey stayed clean for 8 years, but relapsed. This time, he lost his second wife, house and job and was given 25-years to life under the three-strikes law for non-violent crimes. Joey worked hard inside prison for 20-years. He feels it paid off for him because he has been in recovery for over 22 years. Currently, Joey works for the Alameda County Probation Department as their first community outreach worker, who has lived on the other side of the probation system. For more about Quentin Blue and their music, visit their website at: https://quentinblue.com