Women hating Women

Our two guests discuss competition amongst women, primarily in workplace settings. The cause of competition begins as children, where we are socialized in believing in the scarcity mindset. This learned mindset influences women’s ability to rise confidently up the corporate ladder to achieve their career goals. Also discussed, how women’s male counterparts witness and perceive these often hostile engagements within the workplace. Lisa Carnevale shares her research on this very important topic.

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Dr. Barbara Mark has a deeply held passion for working with women in midlife and has built a decades long career as an elite leadership, career and life strategies coach and advisor to senior executive women. She is a recognized expert on the psychology of women, the stages of adult development and how these stages impact a woman’s career development, her leadership and her life choices and strategies. As a result, Barbara is a sought-after coach by women who are looking to make appropriate and actionable personal and professional decisions at critical stages of their lives and careers. Barbara has been brought into the confidence of hundreds of professional women seeking to maintain inner balance while facing diverse external demands, personal ambition, and the desire to feel satisfied and fulfilled personally and professionally. 

Lisa Carnevale, MBA is a researcher and advocate on issues relating to women. Her special focus is the issue of women not supporting other women in the workplace and other areas of their lives, how it undermines their ability to successfully get ahead in their careers, why it happens, how men perceive this behavior, and ways to develop tools and strategies for change. Lisa’s career has spanned roles from management in high tech to director of a non-profit for executive women. She holds a BS in International Management from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and an International MBA from Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA. Email: womensuprtwomen@gmail.com

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